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Airless automatic spray guns

When painting with high viscous materials, air less technology is usually a good choice. It offers a combination of high capacity and transfer efficiency. Commonly used for wood and metal painting installations. Air less can be done as pure air less, or as air assisted air less. The air assist gives softer edges and is more suitable for decorative painting. The equipment can be used for manual operations, fixed or robotized installations.

The CHA 250 is available in many versions. Normally equipped with fixed positioning of the tips in horizontal or vertical alignment in order to improve the painting precision and gaining transfer efficiency.  The spray gun can be used with or without material circulation. Very compact design and few wearing parts to make service easy. Made in high grade stainless steel, tungsten carbide and Perflour material as standard.

Many alternative installation options. Mounting plate or robot adapters for most common handling and painting robots.

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